Thanks so much for making my teeth an awesome experience.  You guys are incredible!  

Dr. Kisella and Staff,
You guys did a great job.  Your kind and caring approach was much appreciated. 

Dear Dr. Kisella and Staff,
Thank you so much for seeing me right away, and for your kind, compassionate, and professional care.  A little kindness goes a long way when you’re scared out of your skin!  We thank God for you.  


Dear Dr. Kisella & Staff,
Thank you for taking such good care of me during my surgery!  I was so happy you called to check on me.  I am so glad my lip is healing normally as my lips are very important to me!  I think this whole office is the coolest and everyone is incredibly nice.  Thank you for your excellence.  


Dear Dr. Kisella, 
I just wanted to thank both yourself and your assistant during my extraction on Wed 8/16.  Not only was the procedure completely painless, but today, just one day later, I have absolutely no pain or discomfort what so ever!  I appreciate your kindness & professionalism as well as the “check-up” telephone call that evening.  Again, many thanks.  


Dr. Kisella and Staff,
I just wanted to say thank you again for the outstanding service and compassion shown by you and your staff to my son.  We are blessed and appreciate that people like yourself still exist.  Thank you again. 


When my son went to have a routine extraction of his wisdom teeth, it was discovered that he had a growth, probably a cyst but possibly cancerous – in his upper jaw.  The diagnosis involved a CT scan.  Dr. Kisella felt that the growth was probably a cyst, and the CT scan backed up this diagnosis.  In these situations, one always wants to have the best surgeon – that is just part of being a good parent.  From the start, I was impressed by the fact Dr. Kisella always talked directly to my 16 year old son rather than treating him like a child, and showed interest in him.  Being treated like a mature individual helped my son be just that.  He was calm about his surgery the whole way through.  On the day of surgery, Dr. Kisella greatly impressed me with his level of focus before surgery and his care after surgery.  A care which I may add continues to this day as he continues to check that everything is healing properly.  I have appreciated Dr. Kisella’s direct, no-nonsense manner and his professionalism and feel that he has also been a very positive role model for my son.  We enjoy going to the periodic check-ups and I always feel that he is pleased to see us.  I highly recommend Dr. Kisella as an excellent surgeon who cares about his patients and treats them with honesty and integrity.  

Dr. Kisella was very professional and punctual.  It was a great experience considering what I was having done.  He was responsive and it was easy to get my appointment.  He gave me his cell phone number to call in case I had problems after the surgery.  

The best ever!!  Dr. Kisella was amazing!  He took great care of me- I had no real pain after the surgery and the recovery time was shorter than I expected.  He was knowledgeable & up front with everything that would happen and he was patient with me.  I was extremely nervous because I had to have the work done while I was 6 months pregnant.  If your teeth hurt, go to him.  Seriously!  

Excellent doctor!  All I can say is that I’ve never had any other dentist that took care of my tooth like Dr. Kisella.  I hardly felt any pain after the pulling of my two teeth.  He provided every number for me to contact him if I had any problems and took the time to call me personally to see how I was feeling.  If he was a dentist that would handle the cleaning of my teeth every six months then he would be the man.  Shouts out to Dr. Kisella!